Incomplete, taking a fat nap before I continue writing


What's Linux? Can I use it? Should I use it? Can I read this for like 10 minutes?


Picture this, right? You're watching tech YouTubers or reading some tech articles on how to get more life out of your old computer, or how to be more secure and private on the web, even just desktop customization. The word "Linux" will be thrown guaranteed. Then all a sudden these names get thrown around you don't get like Ubuntu, Manjaro, Distro, Desktop Environment, and you instantly just say no to Linux because it just sounds too messy

Been there. But the fact that I'm writing this shows that I am certainly not "there" anymore. It's surprisingly easy to wrap your head around when it's just explained to you like you're a normal person instead of like a computer wizard. Using actual words instead of linux-lingo. That's what I kind of want to accomplish here, explain what linux is, how to use it, what you can do, all that. In the TStyleXDDD way where we keep things as unprofessional as possible

So explain it to me Mr. Know-it-all

Explain what? You need to be more specific. But I'm assuming you just mean all the goofy words with desktop Linux. Ask a tech expert or a youtuber and you'll get a multi-hour read. But there's only a small amount that a casual desktop user should care about

Benefits of linux

This sounds great! I want to start using it now!1!!1!!!1!

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